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We have books for:

  • parents/home educators,
  • teachers,
  • GCSE/ A’level/Post-16 students,
  • undergraduates and
  • post-graduate researchers.

We also have a new list of innovative products for ALN/SEN/SEND teachers. In particular we are supporting 14+ Functional Skills ( England)/Essential Skills (Wales)/ Core Skills (Scotland and Northern Ireland).

Cover for the academic essay

The Academic Essay

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Project Management







Our books are being used across the world to help teachers to teach and students to learn and this is a source of great pride here at Lawler Education/Studymates.   All of the team are teachers from U.K. schools and universities and the books are designed by teachers who are now authors. The Studymates list is written by authors who are all experts in their field.  The Lawler Education list is built on books that Dr Graham Lawler himself has designed and trained the author to develop. This is the measure of the care and expertise that is behind every title. Without heart, it is just a pile of paper.