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Word Searches yr 1-2

Word Searches
Yr 1-Yr 2

ISBN: 9781842854471

Book cover for word searches yr 1-2
Word Searches for the busy Primary teacher

Author: Martin James, Series Editor: Dr Graham Lawler

Contains 23 word searches matched to the National Curriculum and it also contains the answers. The book comes with a disc for the busy teacher to simply print off the required word search, saving huge amounts of time in lesson planning.


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Good quality effective teaching means engaging learners in content that both challenges and stimulates their thinking. This is why the word search is such a popular activity. It engages the learner and provides an enjoyable experience where literacy sessions can be enahnced with active learner experiences.
This helps learners to establish word recognition, to improve their hand-eye co-ordination and to improve their spelling. That is why this book is an important tool in the learning resource toolkit of the busy teacher.