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Better German

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Better German

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£12.99 €14.99    Author Chritian Otto


This book is in the same series as the bestselling “Better French” (now in its third Edition). A cross between a dictionary and a textbook, it is aimed at intermediate students who wish to grasp the nuances of the language, including the right way to use ‘problem’ words. In the same way as in English, there are differences in the usage of ‘hi’ and ‘how do you do’, so too in German. Learning the answers to these and a host of other questions can finally steer you to success.

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Given the reality of Brexit and the ‘divorce’ between the U.K. and the E.U., there has never been a more important time to learn and improve our understanding of European languages.  It is vitally important that we get better German to English  translations. Germany is a good friend to the U.K. and this book will help improve your understanding of the language.  This is important because Germany is a wealthy country and we need to develop products and services. Then we need to travel to Germany and sell those products and services to German schools, colleges, universities and businesses.  Even if you are travelling to Germany then make sure you have a copy of this book with you. A trip to the Saarland, a German bier and German apple-cake are all joys in themselves but made so much better when you understand the language and this book will help you to understand the language. It really is a bonus for you.

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Key areas covered in this book include: -word order; the basics of sentence building; choosing the right form of the verb; mastering the reflexive verb; verb and stress; nouns for finance, business and work; nouns for education, school and career; nouns for travelling; choosing the right pronoun; adverbs and adjectives; choosing the right preposition; choosing the right conjunction; websites, further information and indexes. Aimed at students at all levels – post-16-Level, vocational, mature or undergraduate students – as well as teachers, tutors and parents who wish to support their children, this book provides an essential aid for successful study. Features one-minute summaries and tutorials throughout.

This book is not just for students and young people. Older people can benefit too. Brain research clearly shows that keeping the brain active in later years is beneficial in warding off brain illnesses like dementia. Learning a language like German is brilliant brain exercise.  It makes you use other ares of your brain that you have never used before or rarely used.  This is so beneficial and can make your final years so much more fulfilling.

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The author is a German national who speaks fluent German and knows all of the pitfalls. This means he can help you to avoid them

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