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Active Lives 1

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Active Lives 1

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£24.95   €27.99       Copiable worksheets for Children

Interactive White Board Activities/powerpoint slide shows for teacher use

There are certain significant people that we need our children to be aware of and that is why this book is important. This is a key stage 2 book and it covers the lives of these people in  a child friendly way.  The book is made of lessons and worksheets for children. If you look below there is a link to see some of the activity pages.  The point of this book is to show how people like Rosa Parks stood up for what she believed was right. It shows how the bus boycott worked and it is an important contribution for Black History. In the case of Rosa and Nelson Mandela,  Black British children need to know of the people who changed the world for them and all of us. The actions of the people in this book changed the world, for the better.

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All primary Schools in England have a statutory duty to deliver a curriculum that informs the children of the lives of certain individuals who have made a major contribution to the world.  That is why this book is an important contribution from Lawler Education.  The book is written as a series of lesson plans with free interactive whiteboard activities.   This book was originally published under our Mr Educator brand but is now being taken into our new Lawler Education brand under the History Matters list

The book contains biographies of

  • Rosa Parks,
  • Emily Davison
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Nelson Mandela
  • William Caxton
  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee

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Each chapter introduces the children to one of these people and shows what a huge contribution each made to the world.  Each, in their own way, challenged the establishment and improved the world.

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