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Application of Number: Motor Vehicle Mechanics- Market Research

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Book cover for Appl;ication of Number- Car Mechanics- Market Research
Application of Number- Car Mechanics- Market Research

9781842854280      £49.99

Andy Burns

The purpose of this book is to support the busy teacher in the F.E. environment.   This book is a series of lessons that helps to deliver functional skills/ Essential skills Wales/Core skills Scotland in application of number.

Students are given a thinking framework from which they can conduct a statistical survey and deliver a result.

This is why this book is an important contribution to the education of level1/2 car mechanics students. The author has taken the context of car mechanics and has created a scenario where students are engaged in their own data handling exercise. This is the perfect platform for improving basic mathematics.  There are also a number of smartboard activities and worksheets/information sheets to guide the student. The book also comes with audio files for poor readers and lesson plans for the teacher, including powerpoint slide shows to help with lessons.