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Application of Number: Motor Vehicle Mechanics: STOCK CONTROL

isbn 978-1-84285-448-8
Andy Burns

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Book cover for Application of number: Motor Vehicl Mechanics, Stock Control
Stock Control

A4 40pgs
includes interactive board activities and sheets for printing

This book is a series of lessons with activities for teachers covering functional skills/ Essential Skills Wales/ Core Skills Scotland Application of Number.

The lessons provide a scenario where students have to engage in stock control. The actual numeracy being delivered is the use of percentages, decimals and fractions. It is essential that this cohort of students can work comfortably within each of these basic skill areas and can switch when required. The contextualisation of these skills within the motor vehicle trade motivates them to learn since they are given a purpose.

The book also comes with language based smartboard activities which should also work on other platforms. These are designed to develop the use of appropriate language with students and help to develop their communication skills. There are also a number of powerpoint slides (and their Open office equivalents) to support colleagues in delivering learning sessions to their students.
Finally we have used a professional voice over artist to record the worksheets to enable poor readers of English to access the learning materials in this package.

This book will save teachers hours of preparation time and enable them to deliver quality application of number learning experiences. The author is currently working on future books for this cohort of students.


Session One: Addition

Session Two: Rounding

Session Three: Time

Session Four: Percentages

Session Five : Reading Graphs

Session Six: The mean, median and mode

Session Seven: Area

Session Eight: Volume

Interactive White Board Activities