Better English

Handle everyday situations with confidence. (3rd ed)

For all non-native English learners who need to improve their communication skills

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Better English

Information Points

■          Authoritative  –  written by an experienced teacher.

■          A growing market of students and adult learners –

■          Worldwide market.

■          Crossover marketing across the specialist and mainstream media.

■        Targeted mailings to language schools, schools and libraries.     

In Focus-A Studymates Series   Who else wants to speak English like a diplomat?   This highly practical book starts with the premise that the only way to improve effective spoken English is to start practising it in real-life situations. Topics include: everyday phrases, how to ask for help and information, how to book holidays and use public transport, visiting the doctor and/or hospital, how to deal with the bank, coping with the telephone and how to ask for help in emergencies.      Market –    All students taking courses to improve their practical    English speaking skills –   UK ethnic minorities seeking improved communication skills for college or workplace –   Adult education centres and vocational/workplace training  centres –   English language schools –   College English department libraries –   Teachers, tutors and lecturers responsible for teaching  English skills –   Ideal for lifelong-learning in Universities catering for foreign students   SUBJECT AREA English/TEFL/TESOL            
 Author Dorothy Massey BA(Eng) DipEd CertTESLA
Price £10.99 Format Paperback,     215 x 135mm, 160pp   ISBN 1-84285-076-8 978-1-84285-076-3   Territory    World  
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About the Author   Dorothy Massey BA(Eng) DipEd CertTESLA graduatedfrom the University of Stirling. She teaches English and ESOL at Darlington College, and is a City & Guilds assessor.  

■          Ideal for adult language teachers