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Better French 2: Past and Imperfect Tenses; Achieving even more fluency

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Past and Imperfect Tenses; Achieving even more fluency  For all post-16/undergraduate students who want to improve their language fluency   

Book cover for Better French 2: Past and Imperfect Tenses; Achieving even more fluency
Better French 2: Past and Imperfect Tenses; Achieving even more fluency


Monique Jackman


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Paperback,                 215 x 135mm,          160pp

ISBN 13   978-184285-094-7

Territory  World all language

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There has never been a more important time to learn a Modern European Language.   Now that the U.K. is no longer a member of the E.U. there are new barriers to exporting to France.

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There will therefore need to be an increase in the numbers of French speakers who can represent U.K. in France and sell British goods. French is also spoken in other countries like Canada so there is a clear potential financial benefit for the individual.

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There is also a new group of people for whom this book can be of interest. Since the U.K. has an ageing population it is essential that older people engage with intellectual activity. 

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Learning or improving  a language is a great way of keeping the mind active. there is little doubt it helps ward off  brain diseases like dementia. Many experts agree that you need to treat your brain like a muscle and exercise it regularly.

Information Points

■          Based on Better French (4th ed)

■          Deals with an overlooked topic, which is at the heart of language development.

■          Each chapter develops language skills

■          Advice packaged in bite-sized chunks.

■         It is the definitive step-by-step process by a recognized and successful expert.

In Focus-   A Studymates Series

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Here is how to further improve your language skills

Many people learn French for years at school, only to reach a plateau beyond which they never emerge. This book is an effective short-cut to fluency in French.

Now following the major success of Better French (third edition), Better French 2 helps the intermediate reader reach fluency by developing their understanding of past and imperfect tenses. The purpose of BETTER FRENCH 2 Perfect Past Tenses is to enable students who have reached a certain level to grasp the different uses of the two past tenses, to study all their different formations in a methodical way, and to find answers to their questions on the subject, all at one’s own pace


All students taking courses to improve their French-speaking skills

  • Post 16-Level students and first-year undergraduates
  • Adult education centres
  • Teachers, tutors and lecturers
  • School libraries, reference and public libraries
  • University and college central libraries.
Mr. L. R. Davies

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

Reviewed in the United Kingdom

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase
Ruth Baker

Reviewed in the United Kingdom 

Format: Paperback

Ideal for 1st and 2nd year undergraduate

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