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Bubble Cars and Other Tiny Cars

Cover for Bubble cars and other Tiny Cars

isbn 9781842854730

Author Tom Farris
Price £ 7.99        9.99 Euro

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A5 40 pages

This book is designed to support poor readers by giving them overtly adult material but where the language has been calculated using a reading age scale on a computer program.

The material in this book should be accessible to an year 8 student and as such should be ideal reading material for the vast majority of students in schools and F.E. colleges. This book is the first in a series on old technology and is specifically designed to develop reading in teenage males. It is a follow on from Trams without Rails (9781842854716) and we have deliberately used the same approach.

We were asked by a Midlands College to provide something that encouraged young males to read, since they were literally not reading anything. Since many of them will be weak readers, the book also comes with an audio recording on a disc. The student can then, if they need to, listen to the audio as they read. This will be of interest to schools, colleges and academies where there are reluctant readers

Tom Farris is a highly successful draughtsman, technical author and engineer. In this book he has shown his love of engineering and has made the book accessible to the young reader. Tom Farris lives between Chester and Wrexham with his wife and they enjoy country living with their dog.

This book is part of our new series from Hamilton-Vale our new imprint for fiction and non-fiction readers.

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