Calculus: How calculus works

For technical trade apprenticeships, primary school student teachers, foundation degree students, life long learning students and first-year undergraduate business students (including GMAT candidates).

Information Points

  • Authoritative  - written by a very experienced  internationally recognised authority

  • A growing market of IB students and undergraduate students and students taking college technical courses or university-based education first year degree and foundation degree courses

  • Ideal for students studying the calculus for the first time

  • Worldwide market- Studymates are in demand all over the world

  • A must have book for all students studying this area.

In Focus: A Studymates Series

Who else wants to understand and use calculus?  This book covers the essential information needed to understand the basic concepts in calculus and how to use techniques to solve problems.

Are you enrolled in a course where calculus concepts are required? Or are you a parent struggling to support your teenager and his/her homework?

This book takes a practical rather than a theoretical approach, and explains the basic skills that all calculus users need to know.

The book explains how:

    • to Calculate gradients

    • the Gradient function works

    • to Differentiate algebraic functions

    • second order differentiation works

    • stationary points work

    • to apply the theory

    • tangents, normals and the chain rule.

    • integration and the area under a curve

This book is ideal for:

  •   All students of technical trade courses in colleges

  • College and university central and education department libraries

  • Teachers and tutors of mathematics, physical sciences and engineering based subjects

  • Public reference libraries

  • General readers.


Book cover showing Calculus title from Studymates

Calculus: How Calculus Works


Christine Tootill

Paperback, 215 x 135mm, 160pp
ISBN 978-1-84285-079-4

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Look at what other readers have said!

5.0 out of 5 stars A straight-forward guide to a difficult subject,

This review is from: Calculus: How Calculus Works (Studymates in Focus) (Paperback)

As a mature student, I've found AS level maths, and calculus in particular, both fascinating and frustrating. My problem is that my brain seems to be a bit slower than it was a few years ago, and trying to learn calculus as a solid lump has resulted in limited understanding, mild frustration and occasional severe brain-ache.
Having come, by change, across Ms Tootill's excellent book, I'm now back on track. Breaking the subject down into a dozen or so discrete topics has removed the sense of foreboding, I can take my time mastering a chapter at a time (I'm currently on chapter 8). Each chapter tells me what I'm about to learn, then covers the topic, followed by a succinct summary. A liberal sprinkling of exercises, progress questions, practical assignments and study tips ensures that I do actually understand what I've just learned, before moving on to the next topic.
This is a modest book (140 pages) for such a large subject. You would probably be advised to obtain one of the standard tomes as well, if only because this book will whet your appetite for the subject beyond the requirements of AS level
5.0 out of 5 stars valuable guide to an essential A-level topic,

This review is from: Calculus: How Calculus Works (Studymates in Focus) (Paperback)

As a recently qualified maths teacher I am keen to find as many resources as I can to help my students. My AS level class are a hardworking group and they know that success at this level really depends on a good understanding of the two core topics, Calculus and Trigonometry.
I found this book "Calculus - how calculus works" when searching the Amazon site for something suitable for the students who need more explanation than the standard AS books give.
They tell me they like the style and the easy pace of the book, and I can tell it has produced results, not only in their confidence, but in the marks they are getting. I would recommend it to any student who wants to succeed at AS and A2.
5.0 out of 5 stars A clear, user-friendly guide!,

This review is from: Calculus: How Calculus Works (Studymates in Focus) (Paperback)

Key features of this little book (as well as its unintimidating conciseness) are its clarity and user-friendliness. If you are meeting calculus for the first time, or needing confidence after a shaky start, then in my opinion all you will need is this book and the time to let it do its work.
The scope of the book runs from the basic idea of rates of change through graphical work, gradient functions, differentiation and integration, and their application. It will be found particularly useful by AS and A2 students, each well-structured chapter taking another step forward.
It was a fascination with topics like calculus which led me eventually to teach maths, so be warned, and don't get too interested! Nonetheless, the author clearly knows from experience how to guide you to a secure understanding of an important but sometimes initially tricky topic.
5.0 out of 5 stars Students can work on their own

This review is from: Calculus: How Calculus Works (Studymates in Focus) (Paperback)

This Calculus study aid is aimed at students in their first term of AS study. We are, however, currently using this book for some of our Year 13 students. These students are retaking AS modules in their A2 year and are using this book as an aid to revision of the calculus in the Core AS maths modules. This book enables students to work on their own, at their own pace, and without having to go through large sections of their text books again before attempting exam style questions.
The book is divided into clear, easy to understand sections. Each section has a summary, examples and practice questions with answers. it is written in a style and language that students can easily understand, and the use of simple but thorough examples, consolidates understanding.
Mrs J Mundy, Key Stage 5 Maths Co-ordinator, Exmouth Community College


5.0 out of 5 stars A great help!,

This review is from: Calculus: How Calculus Works (Studymates in Focus) (Paperback)

My son was determined to do AS level Maths in spite of a mediocre performance at GCSE.
He hit problems in the first term as soon as they started on Calculus. So I bought him this neat little guide to Calculus - on a friend's recommendation - and my son worked all the way through it.
He said he had never read a text book like this before - he thought the author was talking directly to him. Everything was clearly explained, with lots of supporting diagrams. Now he is confidently looking forward to continuing Maths at A2 level - because his teacher said that if you can crack calculus, the rest of the A level content just falls into place. So if your kids need help with AS Maths, help take the pressure off by giving them this book.


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