As 1004 Cloze Book 2:  Cars and Transport

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Cover for Cloze Bk 2: Cars and Transport Second Edition

Cloze Bk 2: Cars and Transport Second Edition


Information Points

Who is this book for?
The stories in this book have been presented in a continuum that gradually gets more difficult. They provide a variety of worthwhile reading development alternatives and use the theme of cars to explore ideas, including good taste and the murder of JFK.  There are opportunities for class discussion and further internet research on real events

Contents 1 The car is the star 2 Henry Ford 1863-1947 3 Mickey's Merc 4 The Last Mile 5 E-Type Jags 6 the Bergerac Car 7 The Range Rover 8 Graham and Judith's holiday 9 Police Rescue 10 The Citroen 2CV 11 Bonnie and Clyde 12 Eco Cars 13 Police, camera, Action 14 Iraq 15 Classic Cars 16 Monster Trucks 17 Buying a brand new car 18 Getting Married 19 Taste or no taste 20 Mini Magic 21 Reliant Robin 22 Killing the President of the USA 23 Ice Road Truckers


Dr Graham Lawler has over 27 years of teaching experience in the UK.  He has taught in schools and at university level.  He is the author of Understanding Maths from Studymates and BBC Bitesize Maths from the BBC and Back to the black: how to get out of debt and stay out of debt, from Aber Publishing.

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Adult Skills

As 1004 Cloze Bk 2

Cars and Transport

Dr Graham Lawler

£20.99 €24.99

A4 single sided


sample pages –

Who will benefit from this book?

All students taking entry level and key/functional skills/adult core curriculum courses. Secondary school and adult training organisations Teachers, tutors and lecturers responsible for basic skills teaching and coaching. College/university central and departmental libraries.

  • ideal for people on training courses, including prison and youth detention,where basic education is needed
  • Every FE college with students in need of basic skill development
  • Every university now has a lifelong learning department who will be interested in this scheme.
  • Every university school of education
  • Areas in the UK where there is a sizeable Minority, including the new Eastern European immigrants eg Polish community in Wrexham.