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Cloze 3

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Cloze Book 3




Cloze 3

Adult Skills

As 1005 Cloze Book 3


Dr Graham Lawler
Price                 £20.99 €24.99

A4 single sided

Information Points

  • Presents material in non-threatening adult context.
  • Huge potential need, every secondary school,
  • Every training organisation and every FE College.
  • At least six million UK adults in need of support.
  • Many companies now providing support workers.

Who is this resource for?

  • This further set of 30 stories is designed to provide reading and comprehension material for adults (post 14 yrs) who have literacy skills that do not allow them to feel successful in their everyday lives. The resource has been presented as a continuum that builds on the work in the two previous cloze books.
  • Contents
  • The Perfect Job…1
  • The Eyes Have it…2
  • Summer Camp…3
  • Pizza Tonight… 4
  • His name is Newbaby…5
  • Egg Trivia… 6
  • The Slimy Snail…7
  • A Wedding Dream… 8
  • The Middle of the Earth…9
  • The Last Great Race on Earth…10
  • Misunderstood…11
  • The Forty Million Year Old Bird…12
  • Ashes to Ashes…13
  • Floating Poker Games…14
  • Write About That…15
  • The Most Embarrassing Moment…16
  • Barbed Wire…17 True Love?…18
  • Jeans are for Everyone…19
  • Bonding with their Dogs…20
  • Fill ‘er Up…21
  • Have you ever Wondered?…22
  • And All that Jazz…23
  • The Disgusting Vulture…24
  • The Umbrella- a secret weapon…25
  • Vegetarian Shoes…26
  • A Gorilla Tragedy…27
  • Danger Lurks…28
  • Prepare Yourself…29
  • The Vanishing Bird…30
  • Answers…31

Who will benefit from this book?  All students taking entry level and key/functional skills/adult core curriculum courses. Secondary school and adult training organisations Teachers, tutors and lecturers responsible for basic skills teaching and coaching. College/university central and departmental libraries.

  • ideal for people on training courses, including prison and youth detention, where basic education is needed
  • Every FE college with students in need of basic skill development
  • Every university now has a lifelong learning department who will be interested in this scheme.
  • Every university school of education
  • Areas in the UK where there is a sizeable Minority, including the new Eastern European immigrants eg Polish community in Wrexham.