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cover for Cloze from Lawler Education
A book for teachers

ISBN: 9781842851029
Publisher: Lawler Education

£20.99   €24.99

Format: Paperback, 270×135 mm, 30 pages

Presents 30 short stories that are designed to offer reading and comprehension material which is appropriate for adults who have literacy skills. This book supports adult basic skills education.

The following has been provided by the Publisher:
Table of Contents:
Introduction ii – iv
Cloze Activities 1 – 30
Driving Drama 1
The Special Gift 2
The Swimming Hole 3
The Unusual Kiwi 4
At the Races 5
A Fishing Tale 6
Speedway Action 7
Stranded 8
The Birthday Present 9
Wearing Glasses 10
A Tramping Story 11
The Flaming Cake 12
A Bloody Good Movie 13
The Creepy Tarantula 14
Gold 15
What is Rugby? 16
Dolphins 17
Quick Finish to the Race 18
My Own Dog 19
Earth’s Place in Space 20
Jet Boating at Easter 21
Throwaway Plastic 22
Turtles 23
Who Were the Moriori? 24
The Amazing Camel 25
Underwater World 26
Computers – Yesterday and Today 27
Hydroelectric Power 28
Girl’s Best Friend 29
Building Bridges 30
This set of 30 “Cloze” short stories is designed to provide reading and comprehension material that is appropriate for adults who have literacy skills that do not allow them to be/feel successful in their everyday lives. A number of reasons account for the large number of adults in this category. Failure in school, a broken family, illness, negative life experiences, emigration, second language English and many other causes may have contributed to their situation.Most of these adults are aware of their needs. They also often lack confidence in their reading ability and wish to improve and further develop their literacy skills.This is hard to achieve by oneself, so many adults look for support. Seeking help is a huge step. Adults who seek help may have different motivations, including getting a job or moving up the job ladder. Or it may mean gaining independence in commonplace tasks such as sitting a driving exam, writing a grocery list, reading the newspaper or doing personal banking. The main result of their efforts in literacy programs, in addition to increasing their reading skills, is the improvement of their self-image. They will be able to feel the effects in every part of their lives.