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Creativity through language 2


Book cover for Creativity 2
Creativity 2

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Patricia Sumner



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This book covers:

  • Biographies, letters, newspapers
  • Advertisements, editing and proofreading
  • Advice on how to assess the children’s learning.


  1. Autobiographies– diaries- personal profiles-time  capsules and autobiographies
  2. Biographies-Interviews and Notes-research and summaries-biographies without plagiarism
  3. Informal Letters– invitations-thank you letters-informal letters and reports-emails
  4. Formal Letters– Business letters
  5. Tools for writing articles– an introduction to newspaper articles- looking deeper into the news-headlines, is the report biased ?
  6. Writing Newspaper Articles– a journalist’s scenario
  7. Tools for Writing Advertisements– information posters- Advertising posters and slogans- facts and opinions
  8. Developing Advertising– tv ads-producing a school brochure
  9. Editing-formal and informal language-capital letters- don’t forget to breathe-finding the paragraphs- punctuation- checking spellings- paragraphs and reports-choosing the right spelling-alternatives for said- commas- editing-using a thesaurus- verbs and adjectives- does it make sense?
  10.  Assessing


Children need help and guidance in non-fiction writing and that is something that many primary/prep/P1-6 colleagues find difficult and challenging. That is why this book is so important.

Following a successful teaching career Patricia Sumner moved into educational publishing and now runs a successful business in the North West. She is also author Creativity through Language: How to teach fiction writing.

A TLS Resource Book: For teachers of primary/prep and lower secondary pupils.

  • Ideal resource for primary/prep schools with a free cd of pages to print off available.
  • Contains comprehensive teacher notes
  • Topical and thought provoking
  • Cross curricular in approach.


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