Creativity through Language Book One: How to Teach Fictional Writing

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How to teach fictional writing






9781842852996   If you are teaching literacy in primary schools/ prep-schools or lower secondary schools or as home educators,  this book is a must!

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This book covers:

  • stories,
  • poems and plays
  • editing and proofreading
  • assssment

A TLS Resource Book: For teachers of primary/prep and lower secondary pupils.

  • Idea l resource for primary/ prep sc hool s with a free cd of pages to print off avail able.
  • •Contains comprehen ive teache r notes
  • Topical and thought pro vo king
  • Cross curricular approach

Patricia Sumner is a highly successful teacher turned author. She is a wife and mother and understands the professional demands on teachers. In this book she shares her enthusiasm for teaching literacy and provides invaluable guidance for teachers. She lives with her husband and family in the North-West