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Portable URL Snooper is a freeware utility that enables you to monitor web pages for multimedia links, such as videos, images, mp3 files, and more.

www.portablesnoper.com is not operated by, sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated in any way with any of the companies mentioned in this site. All brand names and trademarks mentioned in this site are the property of their respective owners.When the No. 23 Lions ran out of gas on a Friday night against the No. 16 Owls, it was as if they were wearing a different jersey. They weren’t; it was just one of a pair of extra-large jerseys for the Minnesota class of 2012.

“All I knew was we were wearing No. 16 jerseys and we were losing by a ton,” running back Tyler Johnson said. “At least we don’t have to buy them.”

The jerseys were presented to Johnson and fellow senior running back Marvin McNutt at the team’s annual all-state banquet Saturday night. Johnson’s was handed to him by the Gophers’ new running backs coach in Lawrence Jackson.

“That’s pretty nice,” Johnson said. “He told me how hard we’ve worked and I really appreciate it.”

McNutt said he was confused when the Gophers gave him his jersey.

“When they came up with the number, I didn’t know if they were giving me a jersey or what,” he said. “They said it was a reward.”

Both said they were proud to be honored and humbled by the gesture.

“I know it’s a different jersey,” McNutt said, “but I was still excited that the Gophers got me to where I am now and all the hard work I’ve put in.”

Johnson said it was more than just a number to him.

“It’s got a lot of meaning,” he said. “I put in a lot of hard work, so I’m thankful for that.”

The Gophers plan to give other athletes their own special jerseys at some point in the future, as a way to honor their achievements.

“I think it’s neat,” Johnson said. “I know Marvin really appreciates it.”Hartsfield-Jackson Airport set for busiest year yet

Airport set to welcome more than 40 million travelers

Airport set to welcome more than 40 million travelers

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KEYMACRO is a Keyboard Macro recording tool, and is designed to help you automate your keyboard shortcuts, and to allow you to easily record and store your command-keystrokes in an easy-to-handle file.
Features include
1. Keystroke recording.
2. Auto-Save recording status.
3. Keyboard profile management.
4. Multiple recording sessions.
5. Keyboard layout management.
6. Macro function playback.
7. Macro function rewind function.
8. Save current open file menu to the local drive.
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10. Macro list browsing.
11. Macro function filtering.
12. Edit keyword directly.
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14. Quick build macro.
15. Complete backup/restore.
16. Scan function.
17. Macro function to the blank position.
18. List all macro.
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20. Keystroke listing.
21. Hotkey setting.
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In search of a straightforward, practical and effective solution that will help you create GIF files, the image format that allows you to display an animation sequence, the result is GIFiX Viewer, a free program for Windows that does exactly this.

It supports a wide range of file formats, but can also be used to create GIF files, which it can then save in different formats, including GIF.

The various options include the ability to set the display size, the speed of the GIF animation, and more.

It is available for download for free, and does not require installation.

Want to convert video to different formats on Windows? Free VideoConverter is your choice. This video converter is a powerful, straightforward, and convenient tool that enables you to convert videos with ease. The interface is simple and easy to understand, making it perfect for beginners. It comes with a large number of options, allowing you to configure different output settings.

Moreover, the app features an option to batch convert video files, which allows you to easily convert multiple files at a time.

Additional features include the ability to trim clips, crop video, and fix audio and video problems.

You can also export the converted video to YouTube, Facebook, MP3, WAV, or FLV format.

The tool does not require any

Portable URL Snooper 2.41.01 Crack + Torrent

Portable URL Snooper is a portable URL sniffer for Windows. It identifies all the multimedia URLs in a web page by capturing the traffic to the web page and reading packets using WinPcap. It does not require any installation and is fast.
Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8, 10
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or greater. Download Free Here

All software products presented at our website may include essential elements of
AdWare, Malware, or other malicious files. These files may be installed in a hidden
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Detailed information about the nature and causes of the problem can be found in the
ReadMe file, which is included in the download, along with the installation file.

With our new tool, you can search the movie’s names from YouTube, the official website,
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Also, you can export your selected result to the clipboard, download it to your hard drive, and save it to your favorite video hosting website.

Windows XP SP2, Vista, 7, 8, 10
.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or greater. Download Free Here

IntelliEditPlus is a simple editor that makes text editing easy. It can edit over 80 different types of documents including Rich Text Documents, Windows Formatted Documents, and Database Files with a wealth of rich features. It is equipped with a powerful built-in Spell Checker, HTML Tidy, Unicode conversion, FTP client, and the ability to open and edit Microsoft Office Documents. You can also convert any document you edit to Word, PDF, RTF, HTML, and other document formats.

– Simple, easy to use interface
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– A built-in Spell Checker, HTML Tidy, Unicode conversion, and FTP client
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– Document conversion

What’s New in the Portable URL Snooper?

Portable URL Snooper is a standalone utility, working by capturing and decoding network packets, allowing you to view the data they contain and thus gain access to all URLs currently on a web page. No installation is necessary for use, as it works directly from the system, over a network connection.
Portable URL Snooper provides the following options:
• File menu provides the user with a means of configuring the general options of the software, such as the protocol to sniff and auto-detect, the packet capture mode, and so on.
• Options menu enables the user to specify the program’s settings for specific operations. For example, if you need to capture a specific range of ports, you can do so here.
• Options menu also includes settings that are specific to advanced operation, for example, you can set the profile and exclude/include rules in this tab.
• Results menu contains a log of the captured URLs, and also contains options for copying captured URLs to clipboard, exporting URLs to a TXT file or saving URLs to a local HTML file.
• “Help” option includes a brief introduction to the program, a list of settings that you can modify and the list of operations that are supported by the software.

ProtoShield Alarm S3 is an application that allows to find and monitor the security of your home network.
Have you ever forgotten to turn off your router after you changed the Wi-Fi network password? If not, than it is very easy for hackers to find out your new password, once they know your Wi-Fi password and Wi-Fi network name.
So, what are the benefits of using such software?
Firstly, you will always know what the status of your home network is. If someone connects to your network, you will know that right away and have the opportunity to change the password. Secondly, the security software has a virus scanner which can quickly scan your computer, if you have downloaded some malicious software from a third-party website.
Portable Software, easy to use
Secondly, it has a convenient design which will make it easy to install in your home computer. It does not require a large amount of installation process and does not take much space, which makes it suitable for both home and office use. Furthermore, the software is available in a portable package, which makes it easy to transport the program to other computer, laptop or notebook.
Our Opinion of the application
The program is a very useful program, which does not cost very much money and is a nice addition to the home computer. It allows you to perform a quick virus scan and protect your computer. It is useful for beginners who are still learning about the network security, and for more advanced users who are looking for a convenient program for home network protection.

You work hard for your money and

System Requirements For Portable URL Snooper:

* Minimum Requirements:
Operating System:
OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Windows 7/Vista/XP Processor:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 2.6GHz or AMD Phenom Quad Core 2.4GHz RAM:
RAM: 1GB HDD: 200GB Available HDD Space DirectX: 9.0c compatible System Storage:
System Storage: Windows Installable File System
Internet Connection: Broadband