Homeworks for Years 4, 5 and 6 in the Primary School

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Cover for Homeworks 456

Homeworks 456


Numeracy Homeworks for Year 5 children

sample pages Homeworks 456

which will also be suitable for lower ability year 6 and higher ability year 4 children.

Homeworks 456 is a set of numeracy homework sheets in primary Schools.  These homework sheets are suitable for the average student in year 5 but will also benefit the more able year 4 student and the year 5 student in need of support.

This book will:

  • save teachers time and
  • give students practise in developing valuable numeracy skills.

The worksheets in this book have been closely matched to the statutory orders for key stage 2/P1-6.

The worksheets are designed to consolidate classroom activity and can be used;

  • as homework sheets where they are sent home to consolidate skills taught in school,
  • as consolidation activities in class,
  • as group activity materials where students are identified as needing more experience,
  • to help you determine how much learning has taken place.

The worksheets will help your students to:

  • develop personal discipline/time management skills and set priorities, a valuable life skill,
  • take responsibility for their role in the learning process,
  • improve their problem solving skills,
  • share their learning with parents/guardians and so keep the family in touch with school,
  • develop independent working skills.

Most of all the worksheets will save you, the busy teacher, lots of time.