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■ Creating interactive forms in PageMaker.
■ Converting forms to PDF.
■ PDF editing and filling.
■ Creating Forms through Acrobat Pro – A must have!
■ Includes standard HTML coding for web forms.
■ Allows you to design forms using the PageMaker tools.
■ Creates PDF forms for use in PDF applications such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Professional.
■ Allows for easy inclusion of Adobe Reader forms in your applications.
■ Allows you to output forms in PDF for direct import into PDF applications and can also output forms to HTML.
■ Compatible with all versions of PageMaker.
■ Can be used to create, edit and convert PDF documents containing forms and fillable PDF forms.
■ Can be used to create PDF documents and PDF forms containing form fields without the need to use Acrobat PDF Formatter.
■ It is possible to embed fields using the form embedder created with PageForm. This allows for a link within an image so that information can be entered.
■ You can either use the form embedder or change your document so that it can be filled from the PDF form – with the form fields appearing in a different way.
■ There are plenty of built in PDF options such as PDF annotations and hyperlinks.
■ You can add hyperlinks to images and tables of contents, add headers and footers.
■ There are also options for page breaks, line numbers and colouring text and backgrounds.
■ You can create PDFs with hyperlinks to anchor text.
■ Image navigation is possible, and it is also possible to navigate through images in a different way than normal (for example, you can navigate by clicking on images).
■ You can add page numbers for each page, create a table of contents and enter a custom meta-data.
■ Forms can be added using the form embedder or if you add a form field in a different way you can use the form embedder.
■ Support for named destinations.
■ It is possible to change the name of the current page when filling in a form.
■ You can add PDF files to forms by simply dragging and dropping a PDF file.
■ You can add tabbed fields and form sub-

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Use this macro to trigger automatic formatting of a selection of text, text ranges, or a specified number of words.
Use this macro in PageMaker to automatically highlight certain words (or perhaps phrases) in the current document.
COPYPROPERTY can be used to copy many properties from one object to another. It is therefore useful for copying font properties, etc. from one object to another.
COPYPROPERTY will copy an entire object, including all child objects.
If you wish to copy from one object to another and you want to copy only one property, for example, the name of a font or a paragraph style, then use COPYPROPERTY FIRST and then PROPERTY.
1. If the objects to which you wish to copy a property are not already on the page then you must first move them on the page using MOVE or COPY, or use OBJECT DETAIL.
2. The property must be a property that can be copied. It may be an object, paragraph style or font, or a property of one of these. For example, PROPERTIES might be used to copy the font of a paragraph style.
3. If the property is not a property that can be copied, then you will get an error message.
4. A property cannot be copied to itself. For example, if you copy a paragraph style with a font then you cannot copy the font to a different paragraph style.
COPYPROPERTY (First or second occurrence)
COPYPROPERTY (First or second occurrence)
COPYPROPERTY (First or second occurrence)
Example 1
A COPYPROPERTY command can be used to copy a property from one object to another. The first object is the source of the property and the second object is the destination of the property.
Example 2
The following example copies the font of a paragraph style.
Example 3
COPYPROPERTY IS used to copy a property, the name of a font, from one object to another. This does not create a new property, but instead it copies the name of the font to a new property in the destination object.

Mapsoft PageForm 2022 [New]

You can drag and drop the PageForm controls onto your page, ensuring that they appear in the correct positions. The form is then created from within PageMaker using Adobe Acrobat software. When complete the form and page are exported as a PDF file. The file can then be uploaded to a website for on-line distribution or printed for filling in manually.
A PageForm plug-in can be used to quickly create PDF forms in the PageMaker program. You simply drag-and-drop PageForm controls onto a page, select the desired option and run the form creation program. PageMaker generates the PDF controls for you and the program will also fill in the form controls with data and make a PDF version for printing or on-line distribution. You can then preview the form in a separate Acrobat window and make any modifications, before exporting the complete form as a PDF and then printing.
Configuration options:
■ Allows you to import data from an existing XML form file.
■ Allows you to import data from a Microsoft Excel file.
■ Allows you to export to a Microsoft Excel file.
■ Allows you to print or export to PDF.
■ Allows you to export to a text file or to a PostScript file.
■ Allows you to set default values for each control.
■ Allows you to set default values for each control.
■ Allows you to create a list of controls in a text file.
■ Allows you to set the position of each control in a text file.
■ Allows you to change the font size and the color of the controls.
■ Allows you to change the background color of the controls.
■ Allows you to change the line width for each control.
■ Allows you to change the tab width for each control.
■ Allows you to set the field borders for each control.
■ Allows you to specify the dimensions for the controls.
■ Allows you to have as many controls as you wish.
■ Allows you to create your own custom controls.
■ Allows you to disable the tooltips for the controls.
■ Allows you to show or hide the tooltips for the controls.
■ Allows you to set the border for each control.
■ Allows you to set the corner radius for each control.
■ Allows

What’s New In?

In an increasingly mobile world, users want more from their maps. They don’t just want to know where they are, but where to find what they’re looking for – such as stores, restaurants, public transport information or a gas station. They’re also increasingly using their smart phones to look for locations or maps information, and there is a very large market for this kind of data.
Mapsoft PageForm is a plug-in for Adobe PageMaker, the leading desktop publishing application for creating maps and publishing them to the Web, that allows you to create, fill out and preview an interactive map, such as Google Maps or Open Street Map, in one step. You can enter text, select and adjust interactive markers, tables and other controls right in PageMaker. All these changes are reflected live on the map immediately.
Form fields can be created and deleted at any time, so you don’t have to wait until you’re done with a map to add more controls. In addition, you can drag and drop fields between maps, make the map responsive and activate a range of other features.
The map can be converted to PDF for use on-line or for printing. If you want to access the map on a Smart Phone or Tablet, use the MapSoft Mobile SDK to add a native mobile app to your map. MapSoft PageForm also supports the Apple iPad and Android Tablet devices.
All the data entered into the map can be exported to a MySQL database, CSV, PostGIS, Google Earth and Shapefiles.
■ Adobe PageMaker
■ PageForm isn’t available for Mac.

PageMaker Plug-ins & Tools

Ever wish you could run your PFM (PageMaker File) and produce a quality PDF at the same time? PageMaker Plug-ins are user-supplied programs that can add a range of features to a PageMaker document. While other plug-ins for PageMaker are available, they require you to create your PDF in a separate application or command-line utility.
PageMaker Plug-ins (previously called Forms Plug-ins) are simple plug-ins and are ideal for the lightest of uses or when your needs aren’t complicated. They include basic features such as printing, bookmarking, tables, text formatting and linking to other documents.
Plug-ins can be downloaded from the PageMaker and Plug-ins section of our website.
NOTE: The PageMaker Plug-ins and Tools collection is now part of the BookMaker section.

The PageMaker Plug-ins are designed to allow users to create their own PDF files for printing, distribution, e-mail or posting on the Web. We offer a range of tools for you to add to your PageMaker publication with plug-ins that are included with the product. We have a list of PageMaker Plug-ins and Tools at the bottom of

System Requirements For Mapsoft PageForm:

MP3 Encoder v1.14.2 or later
Vorbis Encoder v1.3.2 or later
10+ MB free disk space
Windows (32-bit)
Windows (64-bit)
Mac (OSX 10.4+)
Mac (OSX 10.5+)
Linux (32-bit)
Linux (64-bit)