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Make Money from your Writing

Book cover for Make Money from your Writing
Make Money from your Writing

Make Money from Your Writing

By (author)  Patrick Forsyth ,
Who else wants to make money from being a writer? You would need to be living on Mars not to realise there was a financial crisis. This means there has never been a better time to want to start a new career and make some extra, much needed money. This book shows you how to do so, as a writer. Magazines still need copy, publishers still need books, tv and radio companies still need drama and someone has to write those words down, why not you! This book will give you insider secrets so that YOU CAN MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR WRITING!
– All creative writing enthusiasts.
– All university and WEA creative writing students.
– Secondary school and sixth-form libraries.
– Teachers, tutors and lecturers responsible for creative writing and English teaching.
– College/university central and departmental libraries.
– Older, retired but active people, who may be more interested in monetizing their writing.

Product details

  • Paperback | 147 pages
  • 136 x 212 x 4mm | 220g
  • Aber Publishing
  • 9781842853016

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