Menu Maths

Menu Maths  THIRD ED


Ideal for application of number in functional skills, ESW in Wales and Core Skills in both Scotland and Northern Ireland.

This title will be of interest to Functional skills teachers in general, adult skills teachers and catering trainers who can use the context of the menu to deliver basic skills.
The first edition sold out and the subsequent reprint sold out.

Using menus and concepts related to restaurants, this helpful resource covers
comprehension activities that use repetitious words, gradually increasing in difficulty. A number of questioning strategies related to interpreting and using menu vocabulary, decision-making, following instructions, finding and using information, adding and spending money, and making change are covered.

How is this resource organised?
This set of numeracy activities has been placed according to a continuum. The activities contain repetitious words and concepts that gradually get more difficult.

Each activity page introduces a different concept related to restaurants and menus. Some of the activities are related to interpreting and using menu vocabulary, adding and spending money, and making change. There are also decision-making activities.
You may want to have a discussion with your student(s) about the purpose of understanding money. When you ask them why they need to know about money many will answer with phrases such as ‘You know how much you have.’ or ‘So you won’t get ripped off.’. If necessary, explain to them that knowing how to handle money is a basic skill that affects every part of their lives for as long as they live.
After your initial assessment of each student, you may want to assist them by talking about what the activity is about first, and even, in the early stages, by reading the activity to them before the student completes it. It is important that a student understand the concept of one activity before going on to the next. This is especially true when working with notes and coins.

‘ A brilliant book ’ teacher at Merthyr Tydfil College