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The Morris Minor

The Morris Minor by Ed Carlow

isbn 9781842855041

Ed Carlow

Price £6.99 €7.99
A5 Landscape 40pgs
Publishing Sept 30 2021

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This Morris Minor car was so radical in design that it still appeals to people, over fifty years later. It was launched at Earls’ Court in 1948 and became a hit. The Morris Minor has become an icon because it was part of our lives. It is a car that was adapted to a pick up, to a van and even a police car! Wherever you went in the 1960’s you saw a Morris Minor.

Older people look back with golden memories but a young generation have also fallen in love with the ‘Moggie’. The Morris Minor was cleverly designed and easy to work on. It gave ordinary people a level of luxury they had not had before. This was at a price they could afford.

Modern cars have central control units and have to be hooked to a computer. This makes DIY repairs virtually impossible. Cars of the 60’s and 70’s can be taken apart with a spanner. That is a huge part of the appeal for the Minor and why it has been so popular and why it is gaining popularity with young people who are too young to remember it in its heyday. It can be customised and we see various examples and some are works of automobile art.

This is a fascinating tale of an iconic motor car.

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