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Multiplication and Division Yr 2

Multiplication and Division Yr 2

Book cover for multiplication and division yr 2
Multiplication and Division Yr 2

9781842854457   Author:  Martina Clarke       Series Editor: Dr Graham Lawler

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isbn 978-1-84285-445-7



Martina Clarke B.Ed., Cert.Ed.

Price £ 24.99 €29.99

A4 60pgs  includes interactive board activities and sheets for printing

  • Written by an experienced teacher.
  • Audio files to support poor readers.
  • Worksheets and lesson notes to help busy teachers teach and to help children to learn.
  • Aligned with the National Curriculum.
  • Interactive board activities to improve learning.
  • Powerpoint slide shows for teachers to use, Open Office alternatives are also made available.

Multiplication and division are difficult concepts and there is evidence that many adults struggle with these concepts. It is therefore vital that these concepts are well taught, that is why this book is important. The book is broken down into lessons that support the teacher in the classroom. There are powerpoints, designed to help children form mental imagery, there are suggestions for practical activities and there are worksheets to consoilidate learning. The author has ensured that frankly it is virtually impossible for children not to learn when using this book. The author, Martina Clarke is an experienced teacher and has many years of classroom experience.
The book comes with interactive software to help children learn the correct words and to get them actively engaged with their own learning and engaging in what theorists call ‘scaffolding their own learning’. The purchaser buys rights to copy the sheets and use them in their school.


In the book we mention the use of plastic fruit, at the time of writing we have found this company who sells such fruit.  All deals are between you and the company, we have not inspected the products and can offer no guarantee of their quality or accept liaibility for any outcome that occurs in your school.

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