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Professional Writing:

How to Write Professionally and Successfully

For journalism, film, t.v. creative writing, digital content students and practitioners.

isbn 9781842854938
Dr Paul Breen

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A4 240pgs

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Author is a recognised expert.

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Takes the reader to the central core of the concept with no wasted words, making it easier to learn and adapt.

At the beating heart of this book is the knowledge that it is possible to earn a living as a professional writer.
In the age of the internet there has never been a greater demand for quality writing but many potential professionals make the same mistakes, that is where this book can help.

The book covers:
-positioning in the marketplace,
-career progression,
– basic structures and the development of language and grammar,
– product and process,
– academic and professional research,
– journalism and book publishing.
This book will be of interest to teachers of academic writing at university level and journalism, film, t.v. creative writing, digital content students and practitioners.

About the Author
Dr Paul Breen is an author and educator specialising in writing for academic and professional purposes. Through his work in colleges and universities in both the United Kingdom and overseas, Paul has built up an extensive knowledge of courses and professions that require writing skills of the highest calibre. His own portfolio of publication is extensive and includes work in the areas of fiction, journalism, radio, film, and academia. Aside from practical output, Paul’s educational background has also served to provide him with a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge. He holds a PhD in Education from the University of Manchester, and a Post Graduate Certificate of Education in the subjects of English and Media Studies. Throughout his career, he has taught courses in the subject areas of language and media.