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Reading Comprehension

Book Cover for Reading Comprehension

isbn 978-1-84285-317-7

Price £ 20.99 €24.99

A4 40pgs

This book is an essential tool for literacy teachers. It has proved highly popular in schools and colleges and has led to requests from teachers for us to develop more books in this series.

The purpose of this material is to engage reluctant readers in Adult-orieneted topics. This second edition testifies to the popularity of the course as a whole and this book in particular. Now part of the expanding Lawler Education series, this book will be of interest to KS2/3 and 4 teachers of students with literacy issues.

It will also be of interest to teachers of Adult Skills/Skills for Life/ basic skills students.

The previous addition was also popular with teachers of students learning English as a second language and for teachers who teach basic skills to adults in the community, including apprentice students studying functional skills/ core skills/ essential skills in communication.

The book contains a series of stories with short term targets. These stories are on a continuum and become progressively more challenging. The overall purpose is to develop literacy skills as well as enhancing self-esteem and this book helps to deliver both of these objectives.