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Reading for Comprehension 3

isbn 978-1-84285-436-5
Sally Killean                     Price £ 20.99 €24.99

Book cover for Reading for comprehension 3
Reading for Comprehension 3

A4 60pgs
includes interactive board activities and sheets for printing



Reading for comp 3sample pages.



  • Written by an experienced teacher.
  • Worksheets to help busy teachers teach and to help children to learn.
  • Aligned with the National Curriculum.
  • Interactive board activities to improve learning.
  • Powerpoint slide shows for teachers to use.
  • Open Office alternatives are also made available.


This book is part of the Lawler Education list, a name that is trusted by teachers. This book gives teachers worksheets and learning activities that they can engage children with at this important stage in their development.

This book contains 30 stories that encourage students to read and are particularly interesting to boys.

The stories are carefully graded and a scale of readability is provided so that teachers can carefully match the stories to the needs of their learners.
The book comes with interactive software to help children learn the correct words and to get them actively engaged with their own learning and engaging in what theorists call ‘scaffolding their own learning’. The purchaser buys rights to copy the sheets and use them in their school.