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Schedules and Timetables

ISBN 978-1-84285-470-9 £24.99 €29.99
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Schedules and Timetables Cover

This book is a set of lessons centred around time and reading charts. The scenario is centred around a film festival to be held in North Wales in the U.K.

The students are invited to interrogate a table of films and determine if they could see that particular film at that particular time.

We even found an historically important document, the schedule of the 1970’s pop group ABBA when they visited Australia. This is historically important because it was this tour that rocketed ABBA to world wide fame.

The second part of the book involves bus timetables again set in Wales. This book is an ideal support for busy teachers. It provides lesson plans, and worksheets for teachers and will save teachers hours of time in preparation.

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Introduction Tutors Notes 5-6
Session One Tutor Notes 7
Film Festival Poster 8
Film Descriptions 9-10
Film Schedule 11-12
What will you Choose? 13
What can you see? 14
Session Two Tutor Notes 15
Movie Vocabulary 1-2 16-17
The Directors, Casts and Stories 18
Session Three Tutor Notes 19
Movie Descriptions 20
Time and Place 21
How Much does it Cost? 22
Session Four Tutor Notes 23
Movie Questions 24
More Questions 25
Match the Words 26
Session Five Tutor Notes 27
Timetables 28-29
Timetable Vocabulary 30
Research North Wales 31
Session Six Tutor Notes 33
Timetable 34
Timetable Vocabulary 2 35
Wales Research 36
Sort the Trips 37
How much does it cost? 38
Session Seven Tutor Notes 39
Music Festival 40
Group Fares 41
More Timetables 42
Session Eight Tutor Notes 43
Abba in Australia 44
Abba in Australia 2 45
Abba in Australia 3 46
Session Nine Tutor Notes 47
TV Scheduling 48
TV Scheduling 2 49
Session Ten
Smart board 50
Answers 51-60

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1970’s Supergroup ABBA