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Skills for Literacy 1

Book Cover for Skills for Literacy 1
Skills for Literacy 1

isbn 9781842854556
Dr Susan Young
Price £ 24.99 €29.99

A4 40pgs
includes interactive board activities and sheets for printing


This is the part of a new series from Lawler Education to support teachers of literacy. This important area of teaching and learning is one that often causes teachers, particularly less experienced teachers stress in organising positive learning experiences for students. That is why this set of books are an important contribution to supporting teachers.
Made up of a set of lesson plans and worksheets that can be used with students, this book will develop understanding through word level and sentence level work.

This book covers:
regular plural noun suffixes, -s, or -es.
suffixes that can be added to verbs where no change is required to spell the root word eg helping, helper, helped.
How the prefix un- changes the meaning of verbs and adjectives eg unkind.
Sentence construction as a combination of words.
Joining words and joining clauses like and will be explored.
Sequencing sentences to form short narratives.
Separation of words with spaces. The role of capital letters, full stops/periods, question marks and exclamation marks to demarcate sentences.
Capital letters for names and personal pronouns.

It will obviously be of interest to colleagues in primary schools but it will also be of interest to colleagues of adults with basic skills needs working at entry level and level 1. The material is presented in a mature manner that will not threaten their self esteem. Dr Young is a recognised expert in education and is a major author in the Lawler Education list.