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The Bristol Lodekka

The Bristol Lodekka

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The Bristol Lodekka was an answer to a problem. It needed top engineering thinking and
first class minds to develop this bus.
The Bristol Lodekka was a major breakthrough in transport.

At the end of World War 2 there was a problem outside of London. People had to be transported to work but the London design of buses was poor and unsuitable for the countryside. In this book the author takes us on what is a personal journey for him, (he was a bus conductor in Rhyl), where he shows how this bus impacted our lives.

We hear about the start of the now iconic North Wales and Chester bus company and how it came to be known as Crosville and the connection between the Lodekka and the iconic BBC TV series Dad’s Army and the hit movie The Silence of the Lambs. We also hear of the
connection between The Prime Minister, (yes really!) and buses and how a rock star has made a brilliant model, but sadly not of a bus.
We see how some clever people have adapted their buses to other uses, like caravans and even a dress shop and we see the bus in the hit 1970’s film On the Buses, filmed in North Wales, and discuss the social values of the time and their impact.
This bus is a wonderful example of how engineering solves problems in daily life and why engineers are often unsung heroes.

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James Morten
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A5 landscape 40pgs