The Craft of Fiction

Jonathan Falla

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Who else wants to write a best seller?

What lies at the beating heart of this book is the belief that good writing can be taught and this is what this book sets out to do. This book provides detailed advice on writing fiction. This book:

  • teaches skills of storytelling:
  • explains finding stories, narrative structures, plots, building tension, characterisation, descriptions of place and time, dialogue, editing. 
  • provides examples from classic and modern fiction (and including films), with points for consideration and exercise.

The author is a prize-winning literary novelist and dramatist with wide experience of teaching CW students, and mentoring aspiring writers. 

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·         All students of creative writing in colleges and universities

·         College and university central and department libraries

·         Teachers, tutors and lecturers

·         Public and reference libraries

·         General readers


           Creative writing

Jonathan Falla is a prolific author and playwright. He has written scripts for a theatre group & schools. A feature film, The Hummingbird Tree, was produced by the BBC, winning several awards. He has had many stories & two novels published: Blue Poppies and Poor Mercy. Jonathan has held a Fullbright Senior Fellowship in screenwriting, and has also taught creative writing for the Arvon Foundation.