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The Volkswagen Beetle

This will be of interest to:
• Libraries.
• VW enthusiasts.
• Engineering/ construction tutors with level 1 and 2 students.
• Lovers of German cars.
• Media and film fans.

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Some cars are loved by the public. The Beetle is one of those cars.

It became a part of our lives and that is why it is an important car.

This is an amazing story that goes from the time of the most evil period in the 20th Century in Europe and the role of Adolf Hitler in the design of this car and how a Jewish designer had to be ‘airbrushed’ out of the story.

We see how Czech car maker Tatra fought back against the Nazis with some incredible results. We read how the Americans and the Europeans made a mistake with Volkswagen and how a British officer rescued the company and got them making cars again. This car is witness to the darkest days in Europe and the skill and determination to rise from those ashes. In this car’s lifetime, Europe went from a smouldering war torn ruin of a continent to a place where all can prosper. During this car’s lifetime, Europe saw the establishment of close ties and a new way of living and working so that all could move forward together.
This car is testament to our lives in the twentieth century and that is why it is so iconic.

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