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Tourism and Hospitality: Professional Conduct in Work

Book cov er for Professional Conduct in Work
Professional Conduct in Work

isbn 978-1-84285-485-3

Tansy Rogerson
Price £ 34.99 €39.99
A4 48pgs
includes interactive board activities and sheets for printing

Key Features of this book include:
• audio files to support weak readers.
• lesson plans.
• powerpoints and open office equivalents.
• interactive white board activities.

This book is the first in a new series on Travel and Tourism and is designed to support Level 1 to 3 workers in this industry.
In this book students are encouraged to prepare themselves for a professional day of work and to remember they are representing their employer both in and out of work.
There is anecdotal research that suggests this is an area that many young people in this trade have difficulty with when they start working.
The students will also be introduced to the concept of customer care and the fact that whilst the employee may be repeating the same offering, the customer receives it once and once only and therefore it must be top quality.
The book comes with lesson plans and worksheets for students and is copiable. It is the first in a new series from Lawler Education and we welcome feedback from colleagues as to their future needs.
The author, Tansy Rogerson, is well known in the Travel and Tourism industry. She is the business de-velopment manager for a hotel management group providing a complete and exceptional management & consultancy service to a growing portfolio of UK based hotels. Tansy Rogerson is also director of an events company and has represented Wales internationally in the industry. She was the driving force behind the Gojys Festival formerly held in North Wales every year and in 2018 she went on a business development research trip to Japan to assess the viability of a market focussed U.K. offer to Japanese tourists.

Tansy Rogerson the author