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foo vis projectM is a useful add-on for foobar2000 that represents a different approach of Milkdrop under OpenGL.
■ foobar2000


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Welcome to the new version of foo vis projectM. This is a version for
viewing arbitrary media content, not just HD (and even non-HD video)
plays on foobar2000.

It has been made possible by the open source project MILKDROP, which
was developed by the Art-Team of Behringer, and which is now licensed
under the GPL.


– you can view all kinds of video and audio files
– different GUI with resolutions available
– lots of ways to configure it


– the playing of multimedia files must be on a server of a file server
– this projectM version requires foobar2000 6.0 or later

foobar2000 6.0 is not a strict requirement to run this version of projectM.
Instead the audio stream must be continuously streamed over TCP/IP.

How to:

Run projectM
– install a server of foobar2000 with live streaming support (Ex: RealServer)
– install foobar2000
– get the file media_playback.jar (this file is included)
– start projectM
– start foobar2000
– stream a multimedia file

Technical support:

Visit the projectM website


See here

For more information about the development of this projectM:

See here

The author of this projectM project:

See here

MILKDROP (01/01/2008)

Copyright (C) 2008-2013 foo vis projectM authors and contributors.

This source code may be used for any purpose so long as the copyright notice
and the attribution guidelines below are retained.

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of
this software and associated documentation files (the “Software”), to deal in
the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to
use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies
of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do
so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all
copies or substantial portions of the Software.


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-v creates verbose output.
-i keeps information after selection.
-x (and -x1)
-j and -j1 support directory scan.
-s and -s1 support
-w and -w1 prevent
-X and -X1 perform a visual pop-up window.
-n and -n1
This keymacro offers a quick way to get a file information through a
pop-up window that shows all the info. You can change the colors using
the keymacro -m parameter.
This keymacro can be combined with keymacro -y (shown in the picture
below) to get a tree view.
Milkdrop is based on foobar2000 codebase.
I am using this modified version (Milkdrop) because foobar2000 is
The keymacro only requires the file information. The path is not
required. You can have the path as the filename.
You can use this keymacro by pressing a button on the foobar2000
The keymacro takes the path of the selected song. The path can be
absolute or relative to the foobar2000 working directory.
The script first queries the Foobar2000 database for this path and
finds the exact path (or a relative path).
The exact path is obtained by clicking in a list of all the paths in
the Foobar2000 database.
In this list, you have the possibility to manually modify the current
path to the song.
If you are under a “Plex” folder, the script selects the parent.
Selecting the parent allows you to “fix” the path and select
You can select directories and read a summary of the directories.
You can also select a directory to be scanned for the file.
The script then looks for the file in the selected directory.
The script provides a pop-up window with the file information.
You can then modify the information and press ok.
After that, you have the possibility to preview the selection.
It is possible to perform a “preview” of the selection or to make
additional selections.
In case of preview, you have the possibility to go in the directory
and select the file in a direct way. You can also perform some
search using a quick treeview.
When you are done with the selection, you can make some changes

Foo Vis ProjectM Crack+ Free License Key PC/Windows

Jupiter is a powerful, multi-platform music player that takes advantage of a
full-featured, easy-to-use GUI. It is written in Java and is very fast, due to
its use of the native libraries from Sun Microsystems.
To install Jupiter simply go to foobar2000 installation directory and run:
jupiter Installer.exe
To get the latest version of Jupiter:

Important note: This project has no connection with Michael McConville’s
Jupiter Project and is not endorsed by the same.

Getting involved:

v1.1 – 22.3.08
* removed dshow support
* unbinded dshow stuff from main screen and internal screens
* translated to more human language (German)
* added a link to official website in package
* added mirror links
* updated for new foobar2000 versions
* made package autoupload
* edited ‘jupiter’ to ‘jupiter-plugin’ and ‘jupiter-plugins’ to ‘jupiter-plugins-plugin’
* also renamed plugins to archive with ‘-plugin’ suffix, e.g. ‘jupiter-plugin-ac3’ and ‘jupiter-plugin-faststart’
* updated to v1.1

v1.0 – 07.2.08
Initial release (jupiter-plugins)

v0.0.7 – 12.12.07
Updated to v0.0.7

v0.0.6 – 12.12.07
Removed dshow support

v0.0.5 – 13.10.06
Updated to v0.0.5 (df32, mod-stream-sf, jagged-pcm, mod-stream-svx, mod-stream-gain, mod-stream-celt, mod-stream-modplug)

v0.0.4 – 11.09.06
Updated to v0.0.4 (ds-f32, ds-sf32, ds-gtk, ds-celt, ds-svx, ds-modplug, ds-modul)


What’s New In Foo Vis ProjectM?

add-on for foobar2000 that allows to play online videos over DLNA. Video playback is supported by using a MediaPlayback component for internet streaming and by using Mp3Spewer for mp3.
The configuration file is fairly simple. The components to be included in the add-on have to be configured. The configuration file can then be saved in a system folder. The component name and a path to the video file are required. The allowed components can be defined. The video stream will be streamed using the specified component.
The list of configuration options and their explanation are listed below.
■ video type:
This option determines what kind of video content is allowed to be played. Currently the supported types are: ■ MPEG-4, ■ H.264, ■ AVI, ■ VOB, ■ DVD, ■ 3GP, ■ QT, ■ MOV, ■ M4V, ■ SWF, ■ WMV, ■ WEBM, ■ 3G2, ■ RM, ■ QCP, ■ SMPTE/ASCAP/BMI, ■ TCF, ■ FLAC, ■ FLAC+ and ■ Ogg.

For Video options you have to give the following information:

■ video codec: the codec used for the video stream, e.g. MPEG4, H.264.
■ video quality: the video quality of the video stream. Use the values “low”, “medium” or “high”.

You can optionally specify ■ “osd”, “videorec” or “audiorec” as the path to the media file.

■ videos:
This option contains a list of video streams that are available to be played. This option has to be given when the list of components is given.

■ audio options:
This option contains a list of audio streams that are available to be played. This option has to be given when the list of components is given.

■ osd options:
This option contains a list of osd configurations that are available to be played. This option has to be given when the list of components is given.

■ audiorec options:
This option contains a list of audiorec configurations that are available to be played. This option has to be given when the list of components is given.


System Requirements For Foo Vis ProjectM:

i7-5820k at 4.6 GHz
1 TB storage space
Windows 10
Product key:
U1: 37FCC5D6-7895-451D-85EC-F40CF7AF567D
DA4: 87EB0668-4EF7-4814-9C80-0D43FB665E6F
DE3: 89EA959C-1C9B-4EBA-9C97-0CC79