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Understanding Algebra

isbn 9781842853856
Dr Graham Lawler Click here to buy

Price £ 12.99 €15.99

A4 184pgs

Who is this book for?
ideal for mathematics, engineering, electrician and nursing courses,
parents who wish to help their children,
teachers delivering functional skills/ ESW/Core skills.

        ‘Algebra is, in short, the gateway to success in the 21st century.  What’s more when students make the transition from concrete arithmetic to the symbolic use of algebra, they develop abstract reasoning skills necessary to excel in mathematics and science.’


This book takes a practical approach to explain the basic skills in algebra that make it virtually impossible not to learn. The author is an experienced teacher and is now a broadcaster, having advised both the BBC and Channel 4 TV on their educational output. In this book, the author guides the reader through key points in a calm and succinct way and breaks information into manageable chunks to ensure users understand the subject fully in a manner that makes it almost impossible not to learn.

This book explains how to:
solve linear equations,
change the subject of a formula,
solve equations with fractions,
factorise quadratic equations,
solve simultaneous equations,
understand straight line graphs. Click here to buy