Understanding Literature and Film: Interpreting meaning from written and visual media

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For literature, media and film studies students

Information Points

  • Authoritative  - written by a very experienced  internationally recognised authority

  • A growing market of IB students and undergraduate creative studies students and students taking college or university-based English first year degree courses

  • Worldwide market- Studymates are in demand all over the world

  • A must have book for all students studying this area.

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Who else wants to be able analyze written and visual media?

This expert study guide will meet the needs of all students whether they are studying the field with a literature/film studies curriculum, as part of a wider literature programme, or as a distinct subject within media studies.
It will help students to write better essays, to speak with more authority in tutorials and seminars, and to prepare for examinations and assessments with more confidence.
This book includes details on how to:

  • The conventions of literary genres

  • Listening to the tone

  • Understanding events sequencing

  • The relevance of the author’s life

  • Getting acquainted with characters

  • Reading from your own point of view

  • The influence of the narrator

  • The influence of the setting

  • Getting the message

  • The effect of metaphor

  • The effect of imagery

Book Cover for Understanding Literature and Film: Interpreting Meaning from Written and Visual Media

Understanding Literature and Film: Interpreting Meaning from Written and Visual Media

Author  Dr Derek Soles

Paperback, 215 x 135mm, 160pp
ISBN 9781842851401

This book is ideal for:

  • All students of literature/media in colleges and universities

  • College and university central and department libraries

  • Teachers, tutors and lecturers

  • Public and reference libraries

  • General readers