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Understanding Maths: Basic Mathematics Explained 5th ed

Understanding Maths                    

Basic Mathematics Explained Fifth Edition

**By the author of BBC Bitesize Maths (which sold 50,000+ copies)

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For students nurses, student teachers, functional skills/ Essential Skills Wales/ Core Skills Scotland/ Core Skills Northern Ireland (* Application of Number).


Price GBP: 10.99
Price EUR: 13.99

In Focus-   A Studymates Series

Who else wants to spend less time studying and be able to calculate correctly each time?

This book is aimed at anyone – adults and children alike – who is having trouble with basic mathematics

This book includes details on:

  • Numbers and place value,
  • Dealing with fractions,
  • Calculating with percentages,
  • Working with decimals,
  • Using a calculator,
  • Angles and turning,
  • Area and volume,
  • Data handling,
  • Probabilities and chance,
  • Estimating and checking

Who Should study this book ?

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■    All students taking maths refresher and examination courses and Functional/Essential Skills Wales/Core Skills Scotland and Core Skills Northern Ireland.

■    All social sciences students requiring a working knowledge of maths .

■    Secondary school and sixth-form libraries.

■    Teachers, tutors and lecturers responsible for maths

teaching and coaching.

■    College/university central and departmental


■    ideal for people on training courses where basic

mathematics is needed


Mathematics/ Study skills /Education

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