Understanding Maths: Basic Mathematics Explained 4th ed

New edition due to International Demand

New Edition

due to public demand

For technical trade apprenticeships, primary school student teachers, foundation degree students, life long learning students and first-year undergraduate business students (including GMAT candidates) and social science students. This title is also very popular with serving police and fire officers and ambulance personnel who are seeking promotion.

Information Points

  • Multiple readership – for both a general and academic

  • Deals with an overlooked topic which is at the heart of all academic work.

Who else wants to spend less time studying and be able to calculate correctly each time?
This book is aimed at anyone – adults and children alike – who is having trouble with basic mathematics
This book includes details on:
·           Numbers and place value,
·           Dealing with fractions,
·           Calculating with percentages,
·           Working with decimals,
·           Using a calculator,
·           Angles and turning,
·           Area and volume,
·           Data handling,
·           Probabilities & chance, Estimating and checking

Book Cover for Understanding Maths: Basic Mathematics Explained

Understanding Maths: Basic Mathematics Explained

‘I’ve had trouble using basic maths all my adult life, frustration finally got the better of me and I found this title during a web search. Lawler’s book has opened up the subject to me.’ Amazon.Co.Uk


The late

Sir Arthur C Clarke (author of 2001 A Space Odyssey)


Dr Graham Lawler

Paperback, 215 x 135mm, 160pp
ISBN 978-1-84285-265-1

Just some of the reviews for Dr Graham Lawler's book

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars The best book I've ever bought.

    By G. Robertson (Lincolnshire) – See all my reviews (REAL NAME) I am restarting education at 41 years old, hoping to increase my employment chances if the recession bites. I believe that mathematics is an essential skill, but I lack confidence, probably because of bad experience as as child. This book changes that. It is written in such a clear, straightforward way that I’m wondering what my problem was with this subject; dare I say it, mathematics appears to be enjoyable. The beauty of it is, all my questions are answered in a way that makes the subject interesting. Graham Lawler: you are a hero.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars Get it!,

    By C. Dodd (Wirral) – See all my reviews (REAL NAME) This book has changed my whole attitude to a subject that I hated at school and have never had any confidence in. Just flicking through it was enough to make me realise that I could actually understand things straight away that I had always thought I couldn’t do! It was a real eye-opener for me and has given me the confidence to face up to something that I have always avoided. I was so chuffed I wrote an email to the author to thank him and got a lovely email back from him straight away. If you didn’t keep up with maths at school or thought everybody else ‘got it’ whilst you got left further and further behind then this is a great book for you. PS I have forgiven my maths teacher for all the times he threw the board rubber at our heads in frustration and hopefully he might have learned a a little about his teaching style over the years!

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars Thank goodness - another solid book to help us understand!

    , By A. I. McCulloch (Co Durham)

    Those of us with memories of poring over difficult maths textbooks that seemed to speak another language will be heartened by this. If you’ve used BBC mathematics online resources to help you study you will have read the author Graham Lawler already – he wrote many of them. This book is handily sized to slip into a briefcase in comparison to many textbooks. It’s written in language that clarifies, not confuses, in a way that relates maths skills to the real world, particularly the world of business. I’ve reviewed a few maths resources for Amazon and this is up there with the best. If you are buying this for someone with dyslexia you might also wish to purchase the Chambers Adult Learners’ Guide to Numeracy which is written in dyslexia-friendly text and on off-white non-glaring paper. However that stops short at key skills Level 2, whereas this goes further with the skills needed for Level 3 and university entrance tests/ the numeracy skills tests needed to gain qualified teacher status (QTS). It’s a good resource for numeracy tutors too – giving insights in how to get difficult concepts over. Excellent!,


Wild58 (Cumbria) - See all my reviews I am a student teacher in the Lifelong Learning Sector and I can say without a shadow of doubt this book is excellent! I will definitely be using it in preparing my lessons. One minute overview and tutorial in every chapter plus useful snippets you don't get in other maths books. The 'Using a Calculator' chapter is very useful. Don't wait buy it!

This book is ideal for:

  • All students of technical trade courses in colleges and universities

  • College and university central and education department libraries

  • Teachers, tutors and lecturers particularly life long learning departments

  • Public and reference libraries

  • General readers, parents with children at school

Listed on Amazon as one of the books that explains the modern world

This is an excellent book for entry level adult learners. I've had trouble using basic maths all my adult life, frustration finally got the better of me and I found this title during a web search. Lawler's book has opened up the subject to me. I am only two chapters into your book and felt that I must tell you what a difference it has made to my understanding of maths already. At the age of 41 I have just learned that a decimal point does not move but the number does. I am not exaggerating when I say that this was a revelation to me. I missed periods of both primary and secondary school because of my mothers ill health and therefore did not learn the basics of lots of things at school including maths. My saving grace is that I have an aptitude for English and my career has developed where I can use this subject. I am now planning to re-train as a primary school teacher and need maths. I have avoided anything to do with the subject for years but now must confront my demons. I am determined to finally try to get rid of the "maths monkey", who has been sitting on my back since primary school. I do intend to treat your book as a friend as I will need the support in taking on this challenge. I have achieved many things academically since leaving school but nothing would compare to the sense of achievement I would feel if I could attain at least a standard grade in maths, although I need a credit level 1 or 2 for teaching. This would be a miracle but I do believe in miracles. keep up the GREAT work. Regards Terry


    By S. Scanlon – See all my reviews (REAL NAME) I left school some years ago with a less than average understanding of maths. I’ve have almost completed the book which is extremely easy to understand and it takes you through each calculation step by step. There are practise questions at the end of each chapter with the answers at the back of the book. A definite must have for anyone wanting to improve their maths from basic level up.

  • New review for Understanding Maths by Dr Graham Lawler

    I recommend the following book to all those parents out there who want to get a grip on maths all those years after school has passed and their minds go blank when their children ask them a question about their “dreaded” Maths homework….

  • Class aptent taciti

    I have recommended this book to many of my friends have young children who, like many other young children out there, come to their parents for help with their homework.  This book is very easy to follow and takes a step by step approach to ensure understanding.  After reading this book, my friends no longer need to come to me every time for help as they now have relearnt the basics of Maths.

    Benny Wong (SO18)

    www.The Tutorpages.com