Writing Historical Fiction

Book cover for Writing Historical Fiction: Creating the Historical Blockbuster
Writing Historical Fiction: Creating                  the Historical Blockbuster

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Chriss McCallum
ISBN-13  9781842850954
Series   Studymates Writers Guides
Format  Paperback,
Publishers Aber Publishing 
Pages 238
Product dimensions 137 x 215 x 17mm
Foreword by Stella Whitelaw
1 You know more than you think you know
2 How to survive and succeed in today’s publishing world
3 Writing for magazines
4 Breaking in with tips, fillers and mini articles
5 Writing how to articles
6 Approaching your market
7 Writing the article
8 Writing a how to book
9 Preparing your first draft
10 Revising and rewriting
11 Working with a collaborator
12 Promoting your book
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In this book Chriss McCallum explains how to: assess your knowledge and experience; write ‘how-to’ articles; write for magazines; survive and succeed in today’s publishing world; break in with tips and fillers; approach your market; and, write a ‘how-to’ book.


The Late Chriss McCallum

Chriss McCallum worked for Collins Publishing for many years, first as an editor and then in book production. She is a published writer and  taught creative writing, as well as publishing her own magazines for writers. Chriss lived in Cheshire with her husband and enjoyed painting and reading and counted herself lucky to have been paid to work with books.