Your PhD Thesis – How to plan, draft, revise and edit your thesis

For all post-graduates studying for their Ph.D or D.Phil/ Ed.D or other professional doctorates and for university supervisors of doctoral students

Information Points

Book cover for Your PhD Thesis – How to plan, draft, revise and edit your thesis

Your PhD Thesis – How to plan, draft, revise and edit your thesis

■ Authoritative  -  written by a very experienced
internationally recognised authority
■ A growing market of post-graduate students – ready to
snap up this book.
■ Worldwide market- Studymates are in demand all over the

■ A must have book for all researchers


Professor Robert Brewer
Paperback,                 215 x 135mm, 160pp



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In Focus-   A Studymates Series

Who else wants a PhD?

Undertaking a PhD and completing the task can be daunting. Yet one is being asked for an incremental increase rather than a paradigm shift in knowledge.  This book seeks to place research methods within the context of the research process as a whole from an initial consideration of the nature of the research to the final submission of the thesis

This book includes details on how to:

■        the nature of research and how to plan your project

■         the different types of research

■         the research question to ask

■         how to judge the feasibility of your project

■         the research proposal and the most effective way of organising your work

Reviews on

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5.0 out of 5 stars ESSENTIAL READING 
This textbook helped me from start to finish with my PhD thesis, including the Viva part of the process. I used it as a paint-by-numbers guide to make my work a readable and successful thesis. The examples are excellent and you can easily follow these, using your own work, to write each chapter. It gave me a great idea for a conceptual background chapter, which was commented on by my examiners as being a particularly useful chapter. I seriously could not have done it without this book. Unlike some books on the market, you can tell that it is written by someone who has seen many, many theses and knows a thing or two about how to get them wrong…and also how to get them right! Thank you Brewer et al!!
4.0 out of 5 stars Great for planning 
Great for planning a PhD pre-enrolment. The lit review section is a little sparse, but the pragmatics are all good. Excellent section on research paradigm, through which to approach work. Useful but no substitute for real-life discussion.
Recently i finished reading this book. It is a very good book, will say must read for every Phd candidate. Well organise, clear english, good content. Not too small, not too big, perfect size book.
5.0 out of 5 stars book 
Format:Paperback|Verified Purchase
Bought for a PHD student and she found it very useful as was just starting out on her studies thank you

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