Application of Number-Hair and Beauty-Market Research

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includes interactive board activities, lesson plans, powerpoint slides and sheets for printing.

This book is a series of lessons with activities for teachers covering functional skills/ Essential skills Wales/ Core Skills Scotland Application of Number.

The lessons provide a scenario where students have to engage in a survey to determine a likely outcome. This is contextualised as market research since this is an essential task in all businesses. Colleagues may find that they cannot release students as suggested in the text for various reasons including incarceration. To support these colleagues we have provided a data sheet where students can access already collected data. It is important that students are aware that hair and beauty, whilst being artistic endeavours are clearly business oriented and hence AON is vital for their success.

The book also comes with language based smartboard activities which should also work on other platforms. These are designed to develop the use of appropriate language regarding hair and beauty with students and help to develop their communication skills. There are also a number of powerpoint slides (and their Open office equivalents) to support colleagues in delivering learning sessions to their students. Finally we have used a professional voice over artist to record the worksheets to enable poor readers of English to access the learning materials in this package and there is an assessment sheet template for the teacher to assess every learner.

This book will save hair and beauty teachers hours of preparation time and enable them to deliver quality application of number learning experiences. The author is currently working on future books for this cohort of students.

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Application of Number: Hair and Beauty-Market Research