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The Mini

The Mini came from a crisis. The Suez crisis was an invasion of Egypt in late 1956 and included French and British forces, but why? The aim was to remove the then Egyptian President and take control of the Suez canal. They thought, at the time, that this was vital to western Europe for moving goods. Egypt had just nationalised the canal and this was scary for the government

There was humiliating, for the invaders, and resulted in petrol rationing in the U.K. This led to a slump in the sales of large cars and the market for German bubble cars boomed. Then Leonard Lord, the head of BMC, and the man who hated these foreign small cars, called for a British small car. This was the birth of the Mini.

This car became a favourite with the swinging sixties celebrity set and was featured in the famous Michael Caine movie The Italian job. This is the movie where Caine’s character, Charlie Croker, utters the famous line

you’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off

The Mini was such an icon of the swinging sixties that executives wondered if it could be updated? The answer was yes and it has been a phenomenal success in the 21 st Century version. It has even been used in NCIS the American tv series where it was driven by action girl actress Cote De Pablo (a.k.a. Ziva David in the show).

This is a mark of how the original and now the heir apparent has made an impact on society.

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Ed Carlow

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