Writing Science Fiction

Here is an introduction into the art of writing science fiction. You will be taken step-by-step through the process of creating new worlds by one of the world’s leading practitioners.

Book Cover for Writing Science fiction

Who else wants to write science fiction? Written by professional writer (see www.lazette.net/) this book takes the reader by the hand and explains exactly how to create a commercially successful science fiction novel. The author is well known in the genre and regularly teaches creative writing. This book defines science fiction and explains the different categories of science fiction. The reader is then taught the basics of research, how to build a world based on science and myth, how to build ‘ the others’, namely building up believable characters in your Aliens, how to write the language of the future, placing stories in the universe, space travel, the possibilities of government in the future, the challenge of writing something new, creating an effective outline, being a professional writer and preparing your manuscript for the publisher.

Who should read this book ?

All creative writing enthusiasts; All university and WEA creative writing students; Secondary school and sixth-form libraries; Teachers, tutors and lecturers responsible for creative writing and English teaching; College/university central and departmental libraries.

Product details

  •  Paperback | 200 pages
  •  135 x 215 x 17mm | 303g
  •  9781842850602